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The abundance of chocolate is one of the many reasons I love this time of year. The world is slowly waking up from a long winter, beautiful colours are emerging in nature, the weather means that we can begin to brave the outdoors without a coat!! All of which deserves celebrating with chocolate I think!! These chocolate nests are a completely delicious take on the traditional 'chocolate cornflake cakes' except that they pack a punch when it comes to nutrients. The joy of making these as I was growing up in the easter holidays is second to none. I would make so many of them that I ended up having to gift them to whoever would take them - luckily not many people refused! They are a complete crowd pleaser and Easter just wouldn't be Easter without them. So I was determined to create a version that was as pleasurable to make and eat but that would allow me to feel as good on the inside as I did on the outside when eating them.

These little nests of goodness are loaded with healthy fat to get our skin glowing, some fibre from the wholegrain spelt flakes and plenty of antioxidants from the raw cacao powder. They are so moorish and just completely hit the spot when you fancy something chocolatey and indulgent! You can always adjust the maple syrup to suit your taste.



2 tbsp extra-virgin coconut oil

1 tbsp good-quality smooth peanut butter (I like 'Pip and Nut')

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 tbsp maple syrup

Pinch of good-quality sea salt

2 cups wholegrain spelt flakes (I like 'Rude Health' - if gluten-free, you could use puffed brown rice instead)

¼ cups sultanas or raisins


1 can of coconut milk

½ cup fresh raspberries

Desiccated coconut to decorate (optional)

Fresh raspberries to decorate (optional)

*If you don't have a measuring cup then a small coffee cup, measuring 250ml will work too.




Check out the video below to see how to make these chocolate nests. For this recipe video, I am joined in the kitchen by superstar rally driver and also my sister Catie Munnings!

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