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Hannah Munnings



I am a strong advocate that looking after and nourishing our incredibly miraculous bodies from the inside is the ultimate key to living a happy, fulfilling beautiful life. 


In a world where the amount of lifestyle related preventible illness and disease is at an all time high, it’s becoming common knowledge that we need to make lasting changes that will support our bodies so we can continue achieving and doing all we want to in life. This is often easier said than done. Everyone knows that we ‘should’ eat more vegetables, sleep more, drink more water, move more. But actually knowing ‘how’ to incorporate these healthy habits into your already well established, busy routine is hard.  

After leaving school, I went straight into working in the Film and TV industry. The hours were long and very unsociable, there was a lot of travelling, living out of a suitcase and hotel rooms without a kitchen or time to cook anything fresh.  Over the years the combination of very little sleep, no time or energy to exercise, and surviving off catering and sugary processed food took a toll on my health. I gained weight, had bad skin, developed debilitating migraines and stomach problems. I felt anxious and depressed most of the time - I completely lost touch with bubbly, positive, carefree Hannah that I had been growing up. I knew I needed to make a change.

I became fascinated by the theory that food could be used as medicine and how what we eat impacts our health. Almost over night I stopped eating processed foods and refined sugar and instead turned to cooking everything from scratch. I was astonished by how almost immediately my symptoms subsided, if not went away completely. I actually had more energy to get through my long days and started to get my confidence and glow back. With this knowledge, I have been able to take control and heal my symptoms and health complaints, including a parasite I picked up whilst travelling which made me very ill and left my gut incredibly unhappy. I managed to get rid of the parasite and heal my gut through diet alone and no antibiotics or need for conventional medicine.  


Although the quality of what we put into our mouths plays a vital role, this isn’t just a diet, it is a lifestyle and a way of prioritising your wellbeing.  I have found yoga incredibly beneficial throughout the process of healing my gut. Taking some time out of our fast paced lives everyday, connecting to our breath, calming down and reducing stress has such a huge affect on our mental and physical wellbeing including proper functioning of our heart rate, blood pressure and digestion. Plus it leaves you with an extra spring in your step. 


Having changed my life so dramatically for the better, I want to help and inspire you to take control of your own health and wellbeing.  It is my goal to overthrow the belief that being healthy is boring or hard work and inspire everyone to get back into the kitchen and start cooking again. When I first made the change to eating more home cooked whole foods, I was amazed by how simple and how much tastier it was than my previous heavily processed diet - now I would choose a homemade, crunchy oat and gooey date caramel millionaire slice over a shop-bought, sugar laden option any day. 


So if you are feeling ready to jump in and make the shift too, I would love nothing more than to help guide you towards better health. 


For more info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! 


Here’s to your new glow, 

Hannah x

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